“Where should I go?”

... has become a frequently asked question.

First, I truly have appreciated all the kind words and wishes. I am also sorry for all the frustrations that may have come your way. It certainly has been bittersweet as I count down the months and the number of births left. EDC: August

I recommend looking at all your options. Take time to interview, contemplate, and feel comfortable with your decision.

1. All Licensed Midwives, CPM, LM’s, who attend home-births, have a set of rules to follow. I suggest getting familiar with them and ask questions, if you need. Visit: www.wisconsinguildofmidwives.org There is “find a midwife” and other valuable information on the site.

2. There are Certified Nurse-Midwives at many area hospitals. Visit: www.midwife.org Follow the instructions on “search”.

3. There are some supportive Doctors around.

My wish to you…. May all your medical and emotional needs be met as you welcome your precious one into the family!