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As parents choosing a home birth, you are exercising the option of having more control over the events of birth; you are also assuming a big responsibility. The midwife who will attend your birth is agreeing to share her knowledge and experience and will thereby share in the overall responsibility. Educate yourself and make informed choices.

As parents planning a home birth, you must recognize that hospital birth is the norm in our society and you are choosing to do your birth differently. You must be aware that no one can guarantee a 100% safe outcome for every birth - whether the birth takes place at home or in the hospital (see Home Birth Study). Planning a home birth will involve more time and effort on your part. If you are prepared to accept these challenges, many busy and exciting months lie ahead.


1. The parents have thoughtfully chosen this birth alternative.

2. The woman is physically and emotionally healthy.

3. The parents are willing to make all the necessary preparations.

4. Adequate medical support is arranged in case a transfer of care is necessary.

5. The parents are willing to accept responsibility for the outcome of the birth.

6. The limitations of the birth attendants and the practical limitations of birth at home are understood and accepted.

7. No pain relief medication is available for use during labor.

8. The parents and midwife are able to establish good rapport and communicate freely.

9. The mother will breastfeed the newborn baby.