Our Birth Plan for Peanut

We don't know when you came, but we didn't need a nursery of baby things to know we were ready for you. As though planted by a force beyond just the two of us, our minds have been at ease knowing that you are meant to share our life. This same comfort that has surrounded your growth will likewise surround your birth. We have carefully selected our caregivers and are ensuring your safe arrival. We have chosen to stay in the comfort of our home, surrounded by selected family, to welcome you into the world. We have educated ourselves about what you are doing now and what you will go through to get here. Although the journey may be challenging, we are doing all we can to assist you and remove unnecessary dangers. We will employ relaxation techniques instead of sensation-numbing drugs. We will employ a variety of positions to help you through instead of cold forceps and powerful vacuums. We will keep you as safe and comfortable as possible while you make your way to the outside world. It is our hope that this same comfort and safety envelop you as you journey into adulthood. Your birth is merely the beginning of a fantastic journey. We will journey with you and offer all of our love and support so that you may grow with comfort and security; so that you may grow to make a difference in the world. Although we don't know who you will be or when you will arrive, know that we are ready for you

All of our love,

Your Mom and Dad

Born At Home-1st baby